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"Galactabeasts, Arise!" "Torozord, Charge!"

          Five mythical beasts were imprisoned by Scorpius on a far away planet. Maya somehow sensed these beasts were in trouble so the rangers set off to rescue them. Very thankful for being freed, the galactabeasts formed an alliance with the rangers, and the rangers later learned to use the Transdaggers to give the Galactabeasts zord forms. The Galactabeasts could work together to form the Galaxy Megazord, which used the Condor Crossbow as its projectile or the Galaxy Megazord Saber as its finisher. Galaxy Megazord could also be powered up by the lights of Orion, giving a headress, chest armor, and a powered up saber.

Lost Galactabeasts: Long ago, there were originally 8 galactabeasts: the Lion, Gorilla, Condor, Wolf, Wildcat, Rhinoceras, Phoenix, and Shark. However, the Rhino, Phoenix, and Shark were badly damaged in the battle 3,000 years ago. Deviot found them and reconstructed them with machinery. He then used them for evil, but the rangers finally broke through to them after the main galactabeasts refused to fight their friends. These zords became known as the Rhino Centaurus (composed of 5 land vehicles), the Phoenix Stratoforce (made of 5 flight crafts), and the Shark Zenith Carrier Zord. The Stratoforce and Centaurus were sadly destroyed by kamikaze Sting Wingers and Zenith remains unknown.


        Originally belonging to Magna Defender, the Torozord later obeyed Mike as Magna Defender. Torozord was capable of casting beams from its eyes to enlarge Magna Defender, who then became the Mega Defender. Mega Defender could ride Torozord or combine with Torozord to create Defender Torozord. Defender Torozord used a double sided lance in battle and was destroyed when Mike sacrificed it and his powers to keep the portal from the Lost Galaxy open.

Most pictures courtesy of www.rangercentral.com