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Leo Corbett:
     We first meet Leo sneaking on board Terra Venture and follow him as he boards, gets sucked into a military training mission, and ends up seeing his brother die. Leo then recieves the Red Quasar Saber.
      As the red ranger, Leo has the Red Lion galactabeast and uses the power of fire quite often.
      When not saving people, Leo is often times training, sleeping, or eating. He missed his brother very much until Mike returned, and then he spent most of his time with Mike. When Kendrix died, he spent a lot of time with Karone as well. Overall, Leo is kindhearted, and determined, willing to give anything for his friends.
      His arsenal consists of the Red Quasar Saber, a Transdagger (normally in Magna Talon form), a Quasar Launcher, and the Techno Armor. His vehicles are the Red Astro Cycle, Jet Jammer, and the Red Capsular Cycle.
Kai Chen:
    Uptight, strict, and just straight comical, Kai is made to be the Blue Galaxy Ranger when he pulled the Blue Quasar saber from a rock. Although he is supposed to be the serious one, his rants and raves are often considered ridiculously funny.
      Kai has the Blue Gorilla galacta beast and is associated with the power of Water.
      Kai's arsenal is usually his brain, but when morphed, his arsenal is his quasar saber, Trans Dagger (Cosma Claw mode), and the Quasar Launcher. His only vehicles are his Jet Jammer and his Astro Cycle but he makes good use of them.
Damon Henderson:
         Damon is a master mechanic and never dreamed he'd be taken to Miranoi where he retrieved the Green Quasar Saber. He originally worked in the Astro Megaship, which served as a museum, but once he was on Terra Venture, he decided to stay.
        As Green ranger, Damon made friends with the Condor Galactabeast and often time uses the power of Wind to disarm his enemies.
        Damon has a standard arsenal: Quasar Saber, Transdagger (Trans Blaster Mode),  and a Quasar Saber. With his mechanic skills, Damon uses them skillfully, and this is what got him a job at Terra Venture as lead mechanic.
        Damon has a jet jammer and Astro Cycle (which he built himself).
        Maya is from the planet Miranoi. She came through a portal, ending up on the moon, and brought Leo, Mike, and Kendrix through to help against Furio. Maya then pulled a quasar saber herself, the yellow quasar saber.
        Maya's planet was turned to stone, but it only drove her ambition. Because she is from Miranoi, she can talk to animals and has visions/prophecies. She likes to just sit outside and enjoy nature, or shop with Kendrix, but when Kendrix died, she made do with Karone.
       Maya speaks with the Wolf Galactabeast often and has made good friends with it and the Lightning Element she uses.
       Her arsenal is as basic as Kai and Damon's. Quasar Saber, Trans Dagger (Delta Dagger Formation), and a Quasar Launcher. However, unlike the boys, she only has a Jet Jammer as her vehicle.
Kendrix Morgan:
           Kendrix is a GSA officer, but she is very leniant, unlike her friend Kai. She sort of has a thing for Leo, and that much is obvious. When she chooses the Pink Quasar Saber, she becomes the Pink ranger and fights valiantly alongside her team.
         Kendrix fights like her Wildcat Galactabeast and uses the power of nature to aid her in combat.
         Kendrix' arsenal is basic, the only modification is her Trans Dagger is normally in the Beta Bow formation.
        Her vehicle is the jet jammer, but it is enough for her to stay in action.
       Kendrix died saving Cassie from Psycho Pink. Her spirit became trapped within the Quasar Saber, and she chose Karone to carry on in her place. She was revived once the Quasar Sabers were returned to their proper place, bringing life to Miranoi once more.
          Former princess of Darkness Karone returns, this time on planet Onyx. She disguises herself as Astronema and then takes the lost Quasar Saber of Kendrix'. She fights off Trakeena after meeting up with the rangers on Karassa. However, Trakeena kicks her off a cliff and walks away with the Pink Quasar Saber. Kendrix' spirit appears and saves Karone, then gives her the pink transmorpher. Karone retrives the saber and morphs into the Pink Galaxy ranger.
         As the Pink ranger, Karone regrets a lot of what she'd done as Astronema and is always trying to make up for it. When the rangers lost their powers, Karone took Leo to a planet where she defeated a Warrior with magical keys. She had to fight herself and show selflessness, then she freed the Stone Warrior and he gave Leo keys that gave him the Techno Armor.
         Karone fills in for Kendrix nicely, taking over the Wildcat Galactabeast and the Nature Power. She also uses the arsenal identical to Kendrix', as well as the Pink Jet jammer. She resigned her actions of a ranger when Kendrix was revived on Miranoi.
Mike Corbett:
      Mike takes over for Magna Defender after being freed from the abyss he fell in on Miranoi. Having originally retrieved the Red Quasar Saber, he was defeated by Furio and cast down into the abyss. When Magna Defender sacrificed himself, Mike was freed.
      Mike looks at life as a second opportunity and never takes anything for granted. He uses Magna Defender's Sword to create a morpher, which he uses to become Magna Defender, arming him with the Magna Blaster and Torozord.