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Far, Far Away, Deep in Space...


An Earth Colony known as Terra Venture is scheduled to launch in order to find a 'new world.' Because of this popularity, boarding passes are hard to find, and this is where we meet a curious, adventurous young man named Leo Corbett, who attempts to sneak on board, only to be thrown off. While walking the alley, he comes across some thugs attempting to rob an old lady, who he quickly helps and she tells him Terra Venture needs men like him. With this new inspiration he stows away once more, this time suceeding. However, a young man named Kai Chen is also looking for him, attempting to get him off Terra Venture. This is when Kendrix helps Leo, who later pretends to be a military recruit in order to see his brother, Mike Corbett.
       During a training excericise on the moon, a woman falls through a portal and brings Leo, Mike, and Kendrix through the portal with her to protect her planet. Kai goes back to earth and condems the Astro Megaship, which is now a museum, and the engineer on the ship comes with him to the moon and to the new planet. Once there, they come across Furio, who is attempting to take the Quasar Sabers, five legendary power swords stuck in a stone until lifted by the chosen.
      While fighting Furio, Mike pulls the red saber from the stone accidentally, and manages to hold Furio at bay, until he opens a crevace in the ground. Kai, Damon, Maya, and Kendrix each pull a sword from the stone much to their amazement and fight hordes of stingwingers, brutes of Furio's army. Mike falls into the crevace, but not before passing the saber onto his little brother Leo, and seemingly dies.
      Furio then sets off a wave of energy that turns anyone it touches to stone. Leo, Kai, Damon, Maya, and Kendrix all become the power rangers and manage to fight off Furio before finally having to escape in the Astro Megaship where Alpha is waiting for them.
      Later on, Maya senses that someone...or something is in trouble so the Rangers go to investigate where they find 5 galactabeasts being held captive by one of the new main villain, Scorpius, monsters. The rangers free the beasts, who in turn help them defeat a giant version of Scorpius' monster, but not as a megazord.
       Despite a stowaway attempting to turn Terra Venture around, the rangers must search for a legendary power source known as the Lights of Orion while fighting of Scorpius, who is intent on finding the Lights that have landed on Terra Venture. Finally, in a desperate rage against Furio, Leo forces Furio to self-destruct, but Leo is rescued by the mysterious Magna Defender, who is unlike any other ranger we've ever seen: He has a cape! We later learn he is a renegade wanting only to destroy Scorpius for killing his son, and that Magna Defender absorbed the soul of Leo's presumed dead brother Mike in order to escape the chasm he'd been trapped in.
      After finally aquiring the Lights of Orion, the rangers begin to take out generals in Scorpius' army. When the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius' ship, runs out of fuel, it goes to Terra Venture to steal some. Magna Defender sees this as an opportunity to exact revenge, but causes a large Volcano to become unstable, and sacrifices himself to save the rangers, freeing Mike from the chasm and bringing him forth on Terra Venture!
       When Mike returns, Leo tries to give him back the Red Quasar saber but Mike declines, saying Leo earned it. When Skelecron captures 4 rangers and the galaxy megazord, Mike uses Magna Defender's sword and morpher to become the Magna Defender and uses Torozord to destroy Skelecron.
       With these turn of events, Scorpius demands his daughter Trakeena to enter a cocoon and take on a more powerful form, however she runs away and a new villain named Villamax helps her train. Deviot has 3 ancient galactabeasts known as the Centaurus Rhino, Stratoforce Phoenix, and the Zenith Shark. Deviot controls these three now cybernetic zords with a control but they are taken from him when Kendrix decodes the galaxy book to discover their true identites. Deviot, shaken from his loss, sets Scorpius up so the rangers can destroy him. He tells Scorpius that his still missing daughter is being held captive by the rangers, and annouces loud enough for the rangers to hear that there is a bomb in the warehouse district, where Scorpius will conviently be. Leo destroys Scorpius, who then tells Deviot to enter the cocoon. Before he can, Trakeena returns and takes her dying fathers place as queen, along with Villamax and his sidekick Kegler.
        Deviot then obtains the Psycho Ranger keycards presumably lost in the In Space era, and reprograms them to listen to him. He sends them down to capture the rangers, which they do according to respective color, Psycho Black kidnapping Green Ranger Damon, and so forth. Leo is saved by a stranger we later learn to Red Space Ranger Andros. Mike, who is not captive, Leo, and Andros go to rescue their friends, Mike waiting behind while Leo and Andros distract the Psychos. Mike frees the other galaxy rangers and they all head out to help Leo. Right before the fight begins, Andros says "There may only be seven of us, but we can still take care of you." And we hear a familiar voice yell "How bout 11 of us?" and the other four space rangers join in, Zhane seemingly missing. Each psycho takes on 2 rangers, and the rangers win, destroying the psychos, except for Psycho pink. Deviot rescues her and heals her, then she goes to Terra Venture, hacks into the mainframe, reads Kendrix's mind and goes to find the Savage Sword. Cassie and Kendrix go after Psycho Pink while the others fight Trakeena's monster, and Psycho Pink knocks Cassie's morpher off, then stabs it to achieve ultimate power. A large vortex opens and Kendrix goes in, destroys the savage sword, and herself, her spirit being absorbed into her saber which flies off.
      Later, the Quasar saber is tracked to Onyx where it is being auctioned off. A familiar villainess shows up and demands for the Quasar Saber in exchange for the people's lives: Astronema! However, before she can leave, Trakeena interrupts "That's not astronema. That is Karone." Karone makes a run for it and manages to get to Karassa where the rangers were tricked into going. She comes to their aid, only to fight Trakeena, who is obviously the better fighter. Trakeena kicks Karone off a cliff, where Karone is saved by the spirit of Kendrix, who passes on her Transmorpher to Karone. Karone then takes the saber from Astronema, becoming the newest pink ranger.
      When a magnet monster attempts to drain all the rangers energies, Karone takes Leo to a planet where she battled a powerful warrior that possed two parts of key, that when united gave its user awesome armor. There, Karone had to face herself as Astronema in order to save Leo, and then she awakens the stone warrior she trapped as Astronema. He forgives her and gives Leo the keys. Leo returns to Terra Venture with Karone and he uses the keys to activate his Techno Armor. He defeats the monster, returning the rangers powers and saving the day.
       Soon after, the Guardian of the Galaxy book arrives on Terra Venture, where he is slowly dying because of the atmosphere. In his weakened state, Deviot destroys him and the Guardian title is passed to Kai. Deviot uses the Galaxy book to gain power, but the rangers destroy him with a powered up Megazord, but because of Deviots spell, they are transported into the Lost Galaxy, where Terra Venture's leaders are aquainted by Captain Mutiny, who seems friendly until the rangers find that he runs slave camp. He then sets a Grunchor monster loose on Terra Venture and his general Barbarax commands it to destroy Terra Venture. The rangers stop it and then later must fight past monsters they've faced. 
         Mutiny's big move is to raise his monster Titanisaur on which his ship is installed. The monster poses a large problem for the ranger and disbales Centaurus and Stratoforce. Finally, he is defeated, and Mutiny draws back. Then, Mike is kidnapped when Captian Mutiny goes to capture people for his slave camp. Once there, Mike sets the slave free onto the Megaship, and then goes tries to board but is delayed by Mutiny and Barbarax. Mike finally uses the Torozord as Leo and Mike find a way out of the Lost Galaxy. The Torozord goes to hold the portal open but is destroyed w/ Mike inside. Leo thinks he has lost his brother but then goes out in space where he finds a powerless, unconcious Mike. 
       Once out of the Lost Galaxy, Trakeena destroys Mutiny's ship with him and his crew onboard. Terra Venture is running out of fuel and a destination point is still unknown. As the engines start to fail, Deviot becomes desperate for power and forces Trakeena into the cocoon with him, where they unite, making Trakeena more psychotic than before. She launches a full scale attack on Terra Venture, who now has an idea of a new world that they have discovered with characteristics like Earth. Trakeena straps detonators to every stingwinger, and then uses the Scorpion stinger to destroy Terra Venture's engines, but Damon and Leo manage to plant a bomb on the pinchers of the Scorpion stinger, blasting it back. Terra Venture crashes into a moon, the main city dome detatching as the rest is destroyed. Civilians attempt to rebuild but the dome begins to crack. Commander Stanton makes a decision to abandon Terra Venture and everyone boards escape ships. The Sting Wingers then attack Terra Venture. Stratoforce and Centaurus go to defend Terra Venture while the rangers fight off the stingwingers inside. The stingwingers destroy the Stratoforce and Centaurus megazords, and then begin attacking the main city dome.
          Driven back, the Rangers flee in the Astro Megaship, but Trakeena uses the damaged Scorpion stinger to destroy the rangers who are trying to protect a fleet of escaping Terra Venture civilians. She orders Villamax to destroy the fleet but he refuses and she also destroys him. The rangers all board their Jet-Jammers with Alpha and evacuate the Megaship, landing on a nearby planet, as Leo get's lost and crashlands on a moon. Trakeena enters the Cocoon once more on her crashed Scorpion Stinger, and "goes green." She then goes to the City Dome and powers it up. Leo is now in the City Dome and the other rangers then come to his aid in the Jet-Jammers. Nothing they do seems to be enough, so Leo blasts Trakeena at close range with the Techno Armor. The main dome then heads for "the new world" having lost its power source (Trakeena) and will presumably whipe out the landed Terra Venture citizens. Finally, the Galaxy megazord shows its 'friendly' face and slows the city dome to an okay speed where it crashes and explodes.
          The citizens mourn for the presumed death of the rangers, but the roaring galactabeast emerge with their respective rangers alive and kicking. The rangers then discover that the planet is Mirianoi, Maya's home planet, and they return their sabers to the stone. With this done, Kendrix is revived and Miranoi is returned to its normal state. And all seems at peace for people of the New World known as Miranoi.  
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