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"The Good, the Bad, and Super Ugly..."

Insect Crew

Scorpius is an octopus looking creature that has immense power. He is most feared throughout the galaxy and is the first villain to surface since Zordon's 'purification' wave. Scorpius commanded a fearsome ship known as the Scorpion Stinger, had a daughter named Trakeena, and wished for her to take over for him and enter a transformation cocoon. She refused, and later, Scorpius is tricked into battle by Deviot against the rangers. Leo badly damages Scorpius, who retreats to his ship, only to give his dying wish that Deviot enter the cocoon. Before this happens however, Trakeena returns and Scorpius gives her a new staff, showing she has taken control.

Like her father, Trakeena is bad to the bone. If she ever had to fight, she had green bug armor she could use. After setting Treacheron up, and so forth, Trakeena ran away after Scorpius told her she had to enter the cocoon and shed her mortal beauty. She ended up on Onyx, where she was kicked out of a bar and she met a stranger named Villamax. Villamax offered to train her to be a better fighter, which he did, up until Kegler told Trakeena of her father's defeat. Trakeena returned to the Scorpion Stinger in time for her father to give her a staff and stop Deviot from entering the cocoon. Trakeena saved the Cocoon for a different occasion and focused on destroying the rangers. Deviot betrayed her and caused Terra Venture to teleport to the Lost Galaxy, where they remained for a while. Upon his return, Trakeena quickly disposed of Captain Mutiny and his crew, only to be pushed into the cocoon with Deviot. The two bonded, bringing an end to Deviot physically, save his rist blaster and cord-like hair. Because of Deviot's mental psychosis, he forced Trakeena into a frenzy, where she then sacrificed all of her Sting Wingers, killed Villamax for insolence, and destroyed the Megaship. Trakeena then entered the cocoon once more, 'going green' as it was later called. She was then thought to be destroyed by Leo. Later, she returned, this time on earth, battle scarred. On earth, she stole life force intended for Queen Bansheera in order to 'go green' once more. Olympius poisoned her source, turning her into an insectoid dragon. The Lost galaxy rangers then teamed up with the Lightspeed Rescue rangers to destroy her for good.


        Furio was Scorpius' first second in command. It was his duty to retrieve the Quasar Sabers from Miranoi but he failed. He was responsible for casting Miranoi in stone and causing Mike to fall into the Chasm where Magna Defender lay dormant. Furio's on going battle with the red ranger led to his destruction, where Furio self-destructed in an attmept to kill Leo. Magna Defender rescued Leo from the explosion, but Furio was not so lucky and was killed instantly.

A blue skinned, samurai like Alien, Treacheron fought not only with a sword, but with grave honor. Being Magna Defender's victor 3,000 years ago, he still carries the rivalry with the horned avenger. Treacheron was destroyed by Leo in a fight to the death while trying to regain his honor after being framed as a traitor by the Shark Brothers.

      Coming into play right before Scorpius' destruction, Deviot introduced himself to Scorpius with a shocking offer: if he was made 2nd in command and allowed to enter the cocoon he would use his fearsome zords to destroy the rangers. Scorpius forced Deviot to prove himself, so Deviot captured Kai and Damon, made them fight each other to fuel his evil zords, then unleashed the Centaurus and Stratoforce Megazords on the rangers while still having the Zenith Carrier Zord in his posession. His plan was foiled when the rangers converted the stray zords, forcing him to think on his toes. He then devised a trap: he told Scorpius the rangers were holding his missing daughter, and announced to the rangers he had a bomb in the warehouse dome. After Scorpius' destruction, Deviot was about to enter the cocoon but Trakeena arrived and stopped him. Deviot was then made 2nd in command with Villamax. Deviot tried to kill Trakeena several times but failed, which is when he resorted to the galaxy book...(continued under Pirate Crew.)

      Villamax is much like Treacheron, in that, he fights with honor and bravery, much like a hero...only for evil. He trained a weak Trakeena to become stronger, and she brought him with her to the Scorpion Stinger after catching word of her father's defeat. Villamax stayed with Trakeena to support her every move until the end, when Deviot forced Trakeena into the cocoon with him. She became psychotic, strapping bombs to sting Wingers, and attacking innocent shuttles. Villamax saw no honor in this and Trakeena killed him mercilessly.

Villamax' side kick shaped like an actual keg. Kegler had a rather British accent and a worried tone but was well informed. When Trakeena came around he immediately saw Villamax' attraction to her. Upon returning to the Scorpion Stinger, Kegler helped out as much as possible until Villamax' death. It is unsaid whether or not Kegler survived the destruction of the Scorpion Stinger.

Psycho Rangers:
       The Psycho Rangers were digitally reanimated and alterred for obedience and strength. Trakeena sent them out to capture the rangers, but Psycho Red failed when Andros intervened. The majority of the Psycho Rangers were destroyed by the Space and Galaxy rangers, but Psycho Pink survived. Deviot revived her and she set out to find a more powerful source. She traveled through a network, red Kendrix' mind, traveled to Rashon and stole the Savage Sword. The Savage Sword healed her wounds and gained power with every strike. She then stabbed Cassie's Astro Morpher, slowly killing the pink space ranger. Psycho Pink grew but was destroyed by the Astro Megazord and Galaxy Megazord. Kendrix then sacrificed herself to destroy the savage sword and restored Cassie's powers.

Sting Wingers:
Sting wingers are insectoid like creatures with stinger like blades attached to their wrists instead of hands. They were all destroyed when Trakeena sent them into battle with detonators attatched to themselves.

Pirate Crew:

Captain Mutiny:
Captain Mutiny is a villainous creature that has a chest and head resembling a pirate ship. His duty is capturing ships that happen to wander into the Lost Galaxy, where he kidnaps the inhabitants and makes them slaves. Captain Mutiny caused the rangers a load of trouble with his creature Titanisaur, on which his Island Castle was situated. Captain Mutiny was destroyed when Trakeena destroyed his Island Castle.

          A horned, spiky villain who weilds a mighty axe. Barbarax was Mutiny's number one general who usually lead the Swabbies into battle. Barbarax was killed with the Island Castle by Trakeena and the Scorpion Stinger.


      After arriving in the Lost Galaxy with his power up, Deviot killed another monster to regain his former self. He then joined up with Mutiny in order to destroy the rangers once and for all. When he returned from the Lost Galaxy, he forced Trakeena into the cocoon with him where he only lived on in consciousness. It was influence that drove Trakeena's psychotic behavior.

      Captain Mutiny summoned Hexuba to destroy the rangers with her magic. She first cast a dream spell that didn't work, then revived past monsters which also failed. She finally went down herself in a powered up form, causing some trouble, but was finally destroyed by the rangers.

Titanisaur was a giant monster on which Captain Mutiny's Island Caslte rested. As a last resort, Captain Mutiny sent Titanisaur into battle. Titanisaur would have vanquished the rangers had the castle on his back not over heated him. He returned to the ocean where the Castle and he were separated. He went and attacked the rangers again. Finally, he was destroyed by the combined powers of the rangers. 

     Swabbies are the grunts of Captain Mutiny's army. They look and act like human pirates and have orangish skin, beards, and striped trousers. They normally carry curved swords into battle. They were all destroyed when the Island Castle was Destroyed.