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         The battleizer was a gift from the Phantom Ranger, whom the rangers ran into on a planet called Hercuron while looking for Zordon. Not only does this wrist worn device enhance Andros' power and enable him to deliver a power punch with number 1, and power chop with number 2, but it also allows him, with number 3, to transform into the Red Battleized Ranger. On top of all those features, it also controls the Delta Megazord, which is capable of combining with the Astro Megazord. When the Battleizer is linked in the Astro Delta Megazord, the commands are: 1: Power Punch, and 2: Flying Power Punch. The Battleizer can be worn by any ranger, but was never used as armor for anyone other than Andros
Red Battleized Ranger:
       When pressing 3 on the battleizer, Andros transformed into an armored version of the red ranger, with wing-ed battle armor and an enhanced scanner visor. The battle armor could fire off several missles that destroyed normal sized monsters on impact.