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"We Need Mega Voyager Power, Now!"

Mega V-1, Robo-Voyager: A robot type vehicle with shoulder mounted cannons and a jetpack with limited flight abilities, which is why it normally transports by surfing atop Mega V-3. Robo-Voyager formed the waist and abdomen of the Mega Voyager.
Mega V-2, Shuttle Voyager: A shuttle like vehicle belonging to Carlos. It had no special abilities other than super speed and a powerful laser near the rear fin. When transforming with the others, it carries the Mega Voyager's head in the back near its engines, and the shuttle itself becomes the shield.
Mega V-3, Rocket-Voyager: It's name is rather self-explanatory, and when it comes to combat, this vehicles best bet is to combine. It has no real defense mechanisms on its own, though it does have a laser beam that can fire out of its nose. When combined with the others, Rocket-Voyager becomes legs, and it's missle shaft becomes the weapon known as "Mega V-3 Missle Mode!" Mega V-3 also seved as a type of surfboard for Mega V-1, who could not fly very far or fast.
Mega V-4, Saucer Voyager: a saucer like ship with winged lasers and four powerful thrusters. It becomes the chest and arms of the Mega Voyager, and is rather agile when fighting solo.
Mega V-5, Tank-Voyager: Cassie's Mega Vehicle is a type of moon tank with twin cannons attached to its back and ski-like treads. When combined with the others, it forms the feet of the Mega Voyager...
Mega Voyager:
       Found on a moon of Jupiter known as Ganymede, the Mega Voyager is five separate vehicles, each color coded, and capable of space travel. Andros uncovered their location in a game on Onyx, where he won the Mega Key Cards. It was later discovered Zordon had stashed these Zords long ago. The Mega Voyager was the first time we saw a number order in In Space, which gave us a general idea of number wise ranking. The zords belonged to Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink respectively. For its finisher, the Mega Voyager used the shaft of Mega V-3 to launch "Mega V-3 Missle Mode." Andros would make a z formation with a joystick, and the rocket head would shoot off with a burst of energy. Mega Voyager could also use the wings of the Mega Winger to form the Winged Mega Voyager for an arial attack of the Mega V-3 Missle, which increases it's power even further. The Mega Voyager had its last battle with "Tankenstein" in which the Mega Voyager self destructed.