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"Time to Break Out the Hardware!"

Turbo Lightning Sword:
Tommy and TJ's Turbo Weapon is a red hilted sword with the Turbo Emblem on it. Not only can this saber shoot powerful red energy beams from its tip, but it can retract its blade and combine with the others for the Turbo Ram effect.

Turbo Hand Blasters:
Twin handheld guns that fire rapid blue energy are Justin's Turbo Weapons. They attach to the sides of the Turbo Thunder Cannon to form fins for the Formula Mode RAM, and side cannons for the RAM Cannon.

Turbo Thunder Cannon:
A large white, green, silver, and black cannon carried by Adam then Carlos, the Turbo Thunder Cannon is by far one of the largest weapons ever carried by a ranger. For some reason, this cannon can be held either way, its backside fires a laser, and its front silver barrel fires rapid amounts of green energy. It forms the body and main barrel of the Turbo RAM Cannon, and body of the Formula RAM.

Turbo Star Chargers:
Though their names are often debated, the Turbo Star Chargers (Charges) are Tanya and Ashley's turbo weapons. They can shoot yellow blasts, or electrocute an opponent on contact. The form adornments mainly on the RAM Cannon and Formula RAM.

Turbo Wind Fire:
Bow shaped and agile, the Turbo Wind Fire belongs to Katherine and Cassie. It can fire arrow like lasers, or it can fire rapid energy blasts from the barrels located at two hinges of the bow. It forms a top cannon above the Thunder Cannon on the RAM Cannon, and a grill on the Formula RAM.

Turbo Robotic Arsenal Mobilizer (RAM)